eBook Library Software

eBook Library Software 3.0

Easily organize your ebook collection


  • Easy to use, simple interface
  • Can also handle media files
  • Preview ebooks on the computer
  • Buy and download new ebooks online


  • Only Sony Reader owners can take full advantage of all the program's features

Very good

A few months ago I bought an ebook reader, and I can't recommend it enough to everybody. It's a great gadget that enables all literature fans to enjoy books even more.

If you also bought an ebook reader recently, you're probably in the same situation as me: dozens of ebooks begin to heap up on your hard drive and will become a messy collection of uncategorized files unless you do something about it soon. Fortunately eBook Library Software can lend you a hand.

With eBook Library Software you can easily handle your ebook collection and turn that pile of ebooks into a neatly organized ebook personal library. The program lets you import folders and files, preview ebooks and transfer new contents to your reader – though this last option seems to work only with Sony readers.

Besides being an ebook organizer, eBook Library Software also works as media manager, as it let you import photos and audio files. Finally, the program includes access to the Sony eBook Store, where you can easily buy new titles and download them directly to your Sony reader.

eBook Library Software is a handy ebook organizer with which you can also handle other media content and buy new ebooks online.

eBook Library Software


eBook Library Software 3.0

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    Not compatible with Windows 7.
    This software doesn't work with the latest OS of Microsoft. We can see the execut...   More